Will It Bomb? 2/2/07

Happy Thursday, everybody!  

While it looks like this weekend doesn’t have too much by way of new releases, that doesn’t mean the party stops here!  

Prepare yourself for another installment of Will It Bomb?!  

Because I Said So: Diane Keaton has played some great roles (Baby Boom, The First Wives Club) but am I the only one sees her being sort of typecast? The low-key lady who goes with the flow… Here, she stars alongside Mandy Moore and Lauren Graham as the kind of mother many of us have. One that’s a little too involved in her child’s business, because she cares and she wants what’s best!
Will It Bomb? While the storyline may be a bit hokey and not terribly original, I think it will make a fair amount of money.   Probable Top 10 standing.  

The Messengers: I’ve seen the trailer for this film quite a few times in the last few weeks, which makes me wonder… Does the trailer give away the best parts of this movie? Dylan McDermott (who I loved, loved, loved in Steel Magnolias) and Penelope Ann Miller(who I loved, loved, loved, in Kindergarten Cop) star as parents who move their kids into a house in the country. Some bizarre stuff starts going down, and the daughter starts questioning what’s really behind it. This also stars John Corbett (who I loved in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in!).
Will It Bomb? Tough to say. I don’t think it will soar high in the ranks of the Top 10, but there really isn’t anything else in the paranormal/drama genre out right now. Decent amount of money.  

That’s all she wrote, folks! As always, I’ll be here next week, dishing up the deal on all the newest releases! Be sure to check back!

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  1. Mike on said:

    I kinda want to see “The Messengers”, in hopes that it’ll suck. You know how I love writing reviews for movies I hated.


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