Will It Bomb? 2/22/08

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s that time again! The studios are trucking out their latest wares, and it’s up to all of us viewers as to whether we want to shell out the cash and personal time! Here’s what coming to a screen near you! Is it going to bring in some dough or fall flat immediately?

Welcome to this week’s installment of WIB?!

Be Kind Rewind: Mos Def and Jack Black are clerking at a video store (no, this isn’t the classic Kevin Smith flick!), and all the tapes the customers have returned were completely erased. JB has the power to suck all the magnetic force out of the tape! What now? They run to shoot their own versions of these movies, with their own crazy style and at a shorter running time.
Will It Bomb? Being the spastic comedic genius has been good for Jack and Mos Def has done well as the foil (with his awesome role in The Italian Job) and I’ve been waiting this kind of flick. I was hoping for it to be a little more adult-friendly, though. While this is rated PG-13, the trailer made me laugh my head off! Regardless, I’m betting on a middle of the 10 ranking.

Charlie Bartlett: As if high school isn’t already painful enough as it is! Anton Yelchin is a bright student, but every single private school he’s attended has booted him out. While he’s now being sent off to public school by his mother (Hope Davis), his chance at popularity looks very good, thanks to his new position as the student body’s resident shrink.
Will It Bomb? I don’t think this will be a raging success. The plot has been done in other forms in previous films. While I admire the work of all the actors involved, it’s not going to be much to squawk at. It’ll bring in a very modest take.

Vantage Point: This is interesting! We get a look at an attempted Presidential assassination from the points of view of several people who are present. The cast is an eclectic mix of well established actors and personal favorites of mine! I absolutely love this idea! It obviously isn’t simply a one-sided view into the situation. Brilliant!
Will It Bomb? Jumper has some strong competition! However, with another rampant marketing campaign, so many people have been waiting for this. Hayden and Rachel are going to get knocked out of the top spot by this film. I can feel it in my bones.

Witless Protection: I’ve loved all the Blue Collar Comedy Tour films and I think that those guys have great chemistry and play off each other very well. Larry the Cable Guy’s solo acting endeavors? Not so much. He plays a sheriff who protects a woman in the Witness Protection Program who, for some reason, may not get to testify in an important case. Get the film title’s pun?
Will It Bomb? You bet. You know what Larry should do? Grab Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White and hit the road again! I’d pay to see that in a second! I doubt anyone will pay to see this, though!

Well, folks, that’s all she wrote! After the official numbers come in, I’ll be back early next week with the recap over at DIB?! WIB? returns next week with a brand-new set of flicks that will be ripe for the picking or left behind to wither away. Have a great weekend!

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