Will It Bomb? 2/23/07

Greetings to everyone!  

What a way to ring in a Thursday! Want the scoop on what’s coming to the theatres? You’ve come to the right place! That’s right. It’s an all-new installment of Will It Bomb?!  

Here come this weekend’s new releases, straight from the studios to you!  


The Number 23: Jim Carrey once again tries his hand at drama. This time, he’s convinced that his entire existence and everything around him revolves around this number. Coincidence? Madness? Give us some answers!
Will It Bomb? No way. The hype surrounding this movie has been perpetuating for months. Top 5 standing, absolutely.    

Reno 911!: Miami: Those crazy cops from Nevada ditch the blazing hot desert for the blazing hot beaches of Miami to attend a national convention of police officers. When Miami’s finest is incapacitated, they’re ready to step in!
Will It Bomb? Comedy Central is pretty well known for the risks they take with their shows. If this movie is as crazy and whacked out as the show, it’s box office gold!  

The Abandoned: A woman goes back to her birthplace in Russia to find out what happened to her family. Death and the supernatural take center stage. From the trailer, I don’t see anything different than other films that have the same premise.
Will it Bomb? This is another film I really haven’t heard too much about, so I’ll make a guess that curiosity alone will bring it a bit of revenue. Not much, though.  

The Astronaut Farmer: Billy Bob Thornton plays a Texas man who decides to build a rocket and launch himself into space, without NASA. The government is on his tail, but there’s no turning back for him or his family.
Will It Bomb? If this film would have been made as something other than a family-oriented drama, I think it would have made a bigger impact. I don’t expect much of a profit at this time.  

That’s all for this week! Be sure to check back next time for more new releases and whether they will bring in the cash!

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