Will It Bomb? 2/29/08

Hello, kids! Today is February 29th! A rarity, since it only comes around every four years! How great is it that it falls on a Friday? That’s just in time for the weekend rush. What films are lucky enough to be released and hopefully find success on this Leap Year? Scroll on down and check it out!

Welcome to this week’s edition of WIB?!

Chicago 10 (Limited Release): The US was embroiled in a hotbed of controversy with the anti-Vietnam War protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention. This film focuses on and revisits the subsequent trial of a handful of men who had all fingers pointed at them for allegedly fueling the fire.
Will It Bomb? Considering this is a voting year, many of those who are politically minded will attend a screening. I think it’ll bring in a modest amount of money, since it’s in Limited Release.

City of Men (Limited Release): Friends living in an impoverished and crime-ridden area in Brazil face changes to themselves and to their surroundings as it gets tougher and tougher in the neighborhood. As if that weren’t difficult enough, their friendship suffers because of a secret that is uncovered.
Will It Bomb? There are a couple of strikes against this. The trailer is very vague, no dialogue is heard at all, and the competition is pretty fierce. I doubt that it will get much of a nibble.

Penelope (Limited Release): Indie darling Christina Ricci is back and with a new look…As a girl who definitely looks different than many of us do, she’s been overprotected by her well-meaning parents. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to break out of the four walls and possibly enjoy life, make new friends, and find love.
Will It Bomb? Co-starring Reese Witherspoon, James McAvoy, and one funny lady, Catherine O’Hara, I would not be surprised to see a hearty turnout for this film. This is also in Limited Release, so the figures will prove it.

Semi-Pro: “Basketball sweaty?” What, pray tell, is that? Here’s another question to ponder: Why is it that Will Farrell feels the need to get naked in so many of his movies? Regardless of the motive, Farrell is a riot and he gets another chance to prove it as a minor-league basketball team’s coach, itching to bring his boys to the big time.
Will It Bomb? Farrell can work that big ‘70s hair, that’s for sure. If he’s the star and it’s a comedy, this will make it into the Top 5 fast! The current holders are definitely on the rocks. It’s raking it in, kids! No question!

The Other Boleyn Girl: The historical tale of the apparent love triangle between Anne Boleyn, British king Henry VIII and her sister, Mary gets the Hollywood treatment via Phillippa Gregory’s novel. The sisters (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson) try to gain favor at the King’s court, and His Majesty (Eric Bana) seems to like having both girls as potential mistresses. If you’ve studied history, you know the outcome. While at first glance it may be a case of severe sibling rivalry, with one sister clearly displaying herself as more opportunistic, the other sister has to decide between love and devotion to the monarch or her own flesh and blood.
Will It Bomb? This will have a definite Top 5 standing this post-Oscar weekend. The marketing campaign has been fierce, and these ladies are the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Such publicity and general respect for their craft guarantees this film’s success.
All right, ladies and gentlemen! That will do it for me this week! Early next week, you’ll get all the official dirt over at DIB? I can’t wait! Happy weekend!

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