Will It Bomb? 3/16/07

Naturally, all of you movie buffs out there can’t get enough of the big screen! I know I can’t!  

Wondering what’s cooking for this weekend? Never fear! We’ve got you covered! Here comes another edition of Will It Bomb?!  

And away we go!  

Premonition: Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon play a happily married couple. Sandra’s life gets shaken up when hubby is killed in an accident. As each day goes by, he either shows up alive and well, or it’s the alternate reality (that he’s really gone). Obviously, it’s now up to her to see what the real situation is.
Will It Bomb? I don’t think it will climb terribly far up the ranks of the Top 10, but it should bring in a little bit of cash.  

Dead Silence: A deceased ventriloquist (with no tongue, incidentally) is the central focus of this horror film. The team that brought you Saw is back with a new mission to scare the pants off everyone, which they probably will. An added bonus, Donnie Wahlberg!
Will It Bomb? Considering the Saw connection, that’s where the bulk of the money will come from. Top 10, for sure.  

I Think I Love My Wife: Chris Rock has been married for a few years when an old (and pretty) female friend comes back into his life. That’s when his mind begins to wonder how he would be if he hadn’t wed. Hmmmmm…
Will It Bomb? Here, Rock isn’t dabbling in his super-raunchy comedy, which he is well known for. Chances are, this will be pretty funny, but not enough to make major bank.  

There you have it! Come on back next week, where we’ll round up the newest crop of film releases! Thanks for stopping by!!

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