Will It Bomb? 3/2/07

A big hello and howdy to all of you!

As if there was any doubt as to when and where you would get the latest on the weeks’ new releases! You’re getting it here and now!!!

Welcome one and all to the next edition of Will It Bomb?

Let’s get right to the goodies!

Full of It: A high school student starts to tell some pretty tall tales to try to gain popularity and acceptance (as if everyone hasn’t done that at one time or another). When all the lies that he told start to come true, that’s when the real fun starts.
Will It Bomb? This seems to be geared toward teenagers, so they will bring in the small amount of revenue. Lower half of the Top 10 is where it will end up.

Wild Hogs: Four of the manliest of the manly men in Hollywood team up for this film. Four middle-aged guys on their bikes, hitting the open road! Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy have left their boring everyday lives to go on a well-needed road trip.
Will It Bomb? Everyone who’s hungry for a buddy movie will get their wish! Stellar cast=big bucks. This will open and remain in the Top 5, for sure.

Zodiac: In 1970’s San Francisco, the Zodiac killings are making major headlines. One staff member of a local paper (Jake Gyllenhaal) is getting too involved with decoding the cryptic messages supplied to the press. Suffice to say, he may be in way over his head.
Will it Bomb? Movies based on true stories (especially true crime-related) almost always do well, Expect this to debut and stay in the Top 5.

Black Snake Moan: A wild child (Christina Ricci) ends up beaten and bloody outside the home of a middle-aged African American man (Samuel L. Jackson). As he learns who she is and how she became the way she is, he believes he is on a mission to help her tone down her “wicked ways”(using whatever methods he can think of).
Will It Bomb? The publicity surrounding this film has been floating around, so I think that this will make some money. Middle of the Top 10, more than likely.

Well, everyone, we’ve come to the end of this week’s installment. I hope you enjoyed it as much I did! Come on back next week for some more commentary on new releases!

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