Will It Bomb? 3/30/07

Hey everyone!  

Welcome to the last installment of Will it Bomb? for March!  

I imagine that you all are eager to hear the latest on this week’s releases! I’m just as eager to tell you about them!

Let’s roll!  

Blades of Glory: Take two guys who have portrayed some of the funniest characters onscreen and stick them together as couple of ice skaters. Will Farrell and Jon Heder team up when they are banned from singles’ competition. We can only imagine what they’ll come up with!
Will It Bomb? Farrell seldom makes a movie that completely tanks at the Box Office. I’m curious to see if the public can really embrace Jon Heder outside his (so far) best known role, Napoleon Dynamite. Either way, this is going to hit the Top 5 this weekend!    

Meet the Robinsons: In this animated film, courtesy of Disney, a boy gets whisked away into a car that has the ability to travel through time! Now, he wants to track down his own family, but he becomes acquainted with a very interesting group of relatives. These people are definitely a little out there, but totally lovable!
Will It Bomb? It’s kid and adult friendly, and it’s Disney! What do you think?! Nope! Top 5, for sure!  

The Lookout: After a car accident leaves him with a memory problem, a young man tries to get himself back on track. The issue? He gets caught up in a bank heist scheme. Greed, power… It looks like all of the big stuff is addressed in this.
Will It Bomb? I haven’t really heard too much about this film, so I’ll say it’ll bring in a modest profit.  

That’s it for me this week! Be sure to come on back next week, where you’ll always get the lowdown on what’s playing!

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