Will It Bomb? 3/7/08

All right, kids! This is the first edition of WIB? for the lovely month of March! As the old saying goes, it comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. With the list of films coming out this weekend, it’s a great kick-off! Do they have what it takes? Check them out!

College Road Trip: Little Raven Symoné was such a cute kid when she was on The Cosby Show. As a teenager/young adult, she has forged into the tween market with a bunch of shows on the children’s channels. This latest effort shows her character off to look at institutions of higher learning, along with daddy Martin Lawrence and (no lie!) Donny Osmond!
Will It Bomb? There isn’t anything that could be viable competition for the tween circuit, so this will pull in some cash. I’m thinking low end of the 10.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day (LR): Frances McDormand is a rather plain looking former British governess who has just lost her job. When she’s hired to be a “life coach” for struggling actress Amy Adams on what path to take in life and love, she also finds what she’s been missing in her own life.
Will It Bomb? It looks adorable, and featuring an actress we haven’t seen much of lately, this may earn a small amount in Limited Release.
10,000 B.C : This movie is obviously set in the Prehistoric age, so you would expect that this will rely strictly on its imagery, since the teaser is certainly vague on the plotline. While the cast is predominantly made up of unknowns, with the exception of Omar Sharif, the trailer is indeed visually beautiful. As for the small bit of spoken language we hear, my sister pointed out something to me: What the hell were they doing speaking English? Something to think about, eh?
Will It Bomb? I’m not hearing much positive buzz about this film, but curiosity will bring out those who wish to see it. In the end, I think that the mid-to-low end of the 10 is the highest that this will get.

The Bank Job: MovieSnobs fave Jason Statham is back! He really likes to play the suave criminal and in this flick, he dusts off his old duds to pull off a heist! In early ‘70s London, Statham, along with other interested parties (including Saffron Burrows) decide to pull an unbelievable theft of safe deposit boxes from within what looks to be the bowels of the bank. But it’s the contents of those boxes that may get them in even deeper than they wanted to.
Will It Bomb? I’m thinking that this one has a much better chance at success than the last film he did. It’s time for another killer action movie, and with the comedic jabs showcased in the trailer, this will have a great shot at making it into the Top 5!

All right, folks! That’s going to do it for me for this week. I will see you in a couple of days with the latest installment of DIB?! Have a great weekend!

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