Will It Bomb? 4/20/07

Greetings to all of you this lovely Spring evening!

So what can you all look forward to at the movies this weekend?

Comedic British cops investigate a bunch of “accidents”; Anthony Hopkins becomes a major thorn in Ryan Gosling’s side; and Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale may want to reconsider checking into the Sheraton.

Check them out here and see whether I think they’ll crash and burn or skyrocket. Welcome to the newest edition of Will It Bomb?!

Let’s get to the goods!

Vacancy: Here’s a scary thought… In Movieland, there may be a place worse than the Bates Motel. Here’s an even more frightening thought… Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson might end up starring in a kind of movie no one would want to be in. Want a hint? It rhymes with “stuff”.
Will It Bomb? Not very likely. Considering the premise, I don’t think it’s going to bomb at all, unless they downplay the craziness shown in the trailer. Luke Wilson really hasn’t been in anything particularly dark, so let’s see if he can pull it off! Top 10 standing, in my book.

Fracture: Anthony Hopkins admits to shooting his wife (as you see on the movie posters) and gets busted for it. As one would think, something isn’t right with the whole situation. Ryan Gosling comes in as the prosecutor, who needs to get into the head of this perpetrator (paging Clarice Starling), but there’s something else cooking. It isn’t going to be easy, that’s for sure!
Will It Bomb? All of the publicity (positive and negative) surrounding this film almost guarantees strong revenue. With these two strong leading men, I would be surprised if it doesn’t nudge into the Top 5.

Hot Fuzz: Nothing says funny like bumbling cops. Except for bumbling cops with an accent. Now, there’s this London cop who is so bad-ass that everyone is chopped liver compared to him. He gets transferred to a small town that really doesn’t have too much by way of crime (unless you count a missing bird). Once he rolls in, some freaky stuff starts happening in this little hamlet. Accidents? I think not. If that isn’t cool enough… Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Timothy Dalton?
Will It Bomb? While I haven’t heard a lot about this particular flick, there’s always room for a great comedy in the Top 10. I vote it will end up in the lower half.

That’s going to do it for this week! As always, mosey on back next week to take a peek at the latest crop of films heading your way!

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