Will It Bomb? 4/27/07

Hello to all of you this Thursday night!

This weekend, Reality TV gets even more violent; a former breakdancer tries to make comeback; a teen has to find out who tried to kill him; Nicolas Cage can see into the future. That’s definitely an interesting mix.

They are all coming at you on April 27th, courtesy of the various film studios. Will they bring in the money, or end up in the bargain bin when they come out on DVD?

That’s right! I’m back with the newest edition of Will It Bomb?! Who else will give it to you straight? I will! It’s always a pleasure to let you know what I think about what’s hitting the Cineplex.

But enough small talk! Let’s get cracking!

The Invisible: Now here’s something you don’t necessarily see every day. In order to have a second chance, a high school student has to solve his own murder. Oh yeah, from beyond the grave!! This looks like a teen version of Ghost. Young man is murdered; He must rely on the living to solve and avenge it; and there’s very little time to do it.
Will It Bomb? Targeted at teenagers, I think this will turn a pretty good profit. Top 10 standing.

Next: Nicolas Cage has the power of premonition. Yippee. Now the government needs him and his special powers to thwart some evil plot. Blah blah blah. They show a bunch of different ways that life can go. Blah blah blah. This is such a rehashing of every single movie that involves predicting and changing the future. Ho-hum.
Will It Bomb? The strange part is, while the concept is definitely tired and way overdone, it will probably make some money. At any rate, here’s my reaction: NEXT!!!!!

Kickin It Old Skool: Ohmigod. I hope that you’re kidding! Jamie Kennedy has been incapacitated since the late ‘80’s. Once he comes back to the world, he wants to get his old breakdancing buddies together, then win back a girl. This movie isn’t going to win any prestigious awards, that’s obvious. It doesn’t seem particular funny either, judging by the trailer.
Will It Bomb? Eh… It’ll probably bring in a small amount of dough. It will probably barely crack the Top 10, if anything.

The Condemned: Back when I used to be into professional wrestling, I would have been first in line to see this flick! Hulk Hogan and The Rock have made the jump, now it’s Stone Cold’s turn on the big screen. He’s one of a group of ruthless convicts who are all stuck on an island. The catch? They have to kill each other, until the last one is standing. Oh yeah, and all of this is broadcasted on national television.
Will It Bomb? Millions of hardcore wrestling fans can’t go wrong!! They will be the ones who bring in the cash. Bottom to middle of the Top 10, more than likely. Hey, I bet I know who will be the survivor! One guess…

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back next time with the newest crop of flicks!

See you then!

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