Will It Bomb 4/6/07

Another edition of Will It Bomb? is now coming at you!  

This week, Ice Cube embraces suburban living; two wonderful directors pool their talents (again); a dog works his way into the heart of firefighters; Hilary Swank tries to solve a most perplexing mystery. Talk about variety!  

But, enough chitchat! Check them out!  

Are We Done Yet? In this sequel to Are We There Yet? , Ice Cube takes his new family to live in a gorgeous house in the country. Of course, as you would think, there are a series of mishaps involving the home’s renovation and life among the woodland creatures.
Will It Bomb? I don’t think it will bomb outright, but I don’t think a lot of money will be made off this one.  

Firehouse Dog:Hollywood’s canine darling leaves his career, but may have found something more fulfilling and meaningful at a local firehouse!
Will It Bomb? I’ve seen this trailer quite a few times in the last few weeks, so my thoughts haven’t really changed. This is kiddie fare that will be more successful when it comes out on DVD.  

Grindhouse: Separately, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino are forces to be reckoned with. Put them together, and you cannot even begin to fathom it! I Two separate mini-movies are thrown onto one bill. Each are loaded with tons of action, as you would expect from them!  
Will It Bomb? This could be construed as somewhat of a departure for each of them, but their reputations alone will send this into the Top 5.  

The Reaping: When a small town starts experiencing something similar to the ten plagues described in the Bible (locusts, bloody rivers, etc.), they bring in Hilary Swank to find out just what they’re up against.
Will It Bomb? It is a bit of a coincidence that a film with Biblical undertones is released Easter weekend?   Regardless, it will go in the Top 10, if not the Top 5.  

As always, it’s been a pleasure! Mosey on back next week, where you’ll get the lowdown on more new releases!

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