Will It Bomb? 5/4/07

It’s Thursday, so what does that mean? Time to hear about the freshest flicks on their way to a cinema near you!

Welcome to the newest edition of Will It Bomb?!! Let’s get going!

Spider Man 3: What movie hasn’t shown this trailer with the rest of the bunch? Peter Parker is back for one (supposedly) last go! He has a few new foes to go up against, but of all your favorite supporting characters are along for the ride!!!
Will It Bomb? What are you? Crazy? It is absolutely going to make buckets of cash! It will debut and remain in the top spot for a few weeks!

Lucky You: Eric Bana plays professional poker, but he definitely needs to work on his interpersonal skills. He meets Drew Barrymore and gets into a relationship with her, but it seems that this may go a little sour. Ahh, romance, what Drew does best!
Will It Bomb? With large scale poker tournaments on TV all of the time, I doubt that this will do poorly. Although, I think this would bring in more money if it had been done as a full fledged action movie. Middle of the Top 10, in my opinion.

That’s all, kids! Come on back next week for more dirt!!

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