Will It Bomb? 6/15/07

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We’re off and running with the newest edition of WIB?!

How do I think this week’s releases will perform? Well, there is definitely no shortage of films these upcoming weeks! So, check them out already!

DOA: Dead or Alive: Most films based on video games get a pretty bad rap (with the exception of only one: Mortal Kombat). The kicker is that this film looks quite similar to those MK flicks that came out in the ‘90’s, which were very popular. Fighters basically beat the tar out of each other and show off those superior martial arts skills.
Will It Bomb? Take the name of this flick into consideration. What else does DOA stand for? Dead on Arrival. Unfortunately the rehashing of this concept and the timing of the release may very well make this picture DOA .

Nancy Drew: When your aunt (Julia) and father (Eric) are successful actors (one more than the other. Sorry, Eric.), it’s kind of shocking if you wouldn’t want to follow into their profession. Emma Roberts is now in her first headlining role playing the beloved teenaged sleuth.
Will It Bomb? The little kids and tweens will probably go for this. I think it will have a modest take. Mid to bottom of the 10.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: There really isn’t too much that I can say about this film that we couldn’t apply to other wildly successful comic book movies and their sequels. Anyone who is into these flicks was waiting quite patiently for this. New foe, new battles, and new issues. All that fun stuff.
Will It Bomb? It will probably knock Knocked Up out of its current #3 spot, but I doubt that it will overpower Ocean’s and Pirates.

Fido: Zombies as housepets? That’s a fresh, new concept! Interesting! Taking place in the ‘50’s, a boy’s pet starts to act less like one, and more like the flesh eater the rest of us are used to. Unfortunately I really haven’t read too much about this film, except for comparisons to Shaun of the Dead.
Will It Bomb? Zombies are always in fashion. Comedic zombies have brought in some decent bank, so that will probably happen again!

All right, all! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Think my theories are all wet? Am I dead on the money? Send a comment and let me know!

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  1. Christine on said:

    I hadn’t heard about Fido yet. I am so very excited at the prospect of a zombie dog movie.


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