Will It Bomb? 6/22/07

Hi there, everyone!

Here I am, yet again! It’s time for another edition of WIB? How do this week’s new releases stack up? Hold on to your hats! Let’s not waste another minute. Hit it!

1408: Another one of Stephen King’s brilliant stories is turned into another film. John Cusack is a paranormal buff who decides to see what’s really going on in Room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. But, will he end up like so many other guests and never come out of that room?
Will It Bomb? Has a film based on a Stephen King work ever bombed? I don’t believe so. This one won’t! Top 5, guaranteed.

Evan Almighty: Steve Carell steps into Jim Carrey’s shoes in this sequel to Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman is back as God, and wants Evan to pull a Noah and build an ark.
Will It Bomb? Considering that Steve is the biggest thing since sliced bread in the comedy world right now, his presence alone will bring in dough. Top 5, without a doubt.

A Mighty Heart: The story of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping and subsequent murder was tragic to begin with, so this film will be just as heartbreaking. Mariane Pearl’s novel about her life with her husband and aiding in the search comes to the big screen starring Angelina Jolie.
Will It Bomb? As most actors do, Angelina has been doing a lot of press junkets in conjunction with the film. So, her high profile as both an actor and humanitarian should bring a nice take at the Box Office.

It’s time to wrap it up for this week, but come on by next week. That’s when we’ll do it all again!

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