Will It Bomb? 6/8/07

Hello kids, this lovely June day! After a brief hiatus, I’m back and rearing to go with a brand new installment of WIB?!

I think that I picked a good week to start it up again!! Sequels (or threquels) galore! So, let’s not put this off any more! Here we go!

Hostel: Part II: Although, I’ve always liked really bizarre plotlines in film, Hostel is one I really didn’t want to touch. Sorry! This time it’s three ladies who are going off to Slovakia. They are placed in situations no one wants to deal with.
Will It Bomb? The dirt on the Internet is that, true to form in Sequel Land, this is following the same format with a few twists. It’ll probably be more graphic and horrific, as well. Big shocker. It will make money, that’s for sure. Top 5, definitely.

Ocean’s Thirteen: Clooney, Matty, Pitt, Don, and all of rest (just like Gilligan’s Island, huh?) are back for one last job. This time they need to go up against one of the biggest heavyweights of them all, Al Pacino.
Will It Bomb? Even if it’s half as successful as the other two films, it’s a total hit. This will compete for top dog with Pirates. My advice? Let’s not turn this into Ocean’s Fifty, people! That would definitely be pushing it. Put the brakes on!

Surf’s Up: Penguins and surfing? At first I thought that was an unusual combination! This animated film delves into the backstory at an annual penguin surfing tournament, focusing on one Cody Maverick. Cody’s following the footsteps of his late father, also a surfing champion.
Will It Bomb? For the kids, there really isn’t any competition, and they always go for stuff like this. It looks cute! It will bring in a nice chunk of cash.

That’s going to do it, kids! Come on back next week, and let’s see what else we can cook up!

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