Will It Bomb? 7/13/07

Hello people! Here we are, yet again, for a fun-filled edition of WIB?! Since it’s summertime, you all know that there are tons of movies coming. Hey, as movie lovers, our cash is burning a hole in our pockets! Only, which ones are worth seeing? Which ones will be the moneymakers? Check out what’s coming at you this week!

Captivity: Elisha Cuthbert is a young lady who is kidnapped and held hostage by someone who also gets off on torture. Ho hum… How many movies are going to follow this same format? However…
Will It Bomb? Controversial publicity (like Fracture a few months ago) will propel some curiosity for this movie. But considering what it’s up against, I don’t expect high revenue. Sorry, kids, it’s not happening!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: As our boy wizard grows up and continues his studies at Hogwarts, he gets into all sorts of messes! This time he needs to defend his own sanity and fight off yet another possible foe! The tension keeps on building, but all of you love it!
Will It Bomb? This is being released right before the rumored-to-be-the last novel comes out, so there is no stopping the Harry Potter juggernaut! Top spot all the way!

All right! That’s all for this week! Catch up with me next week, where I’ll gauge more new films! See ya!

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