Will It Bomb? 7/20/07

Hey! Welcome to yet another edition of Will It Bomb?!As always, the flicks are charging out of the studios! This week, we’ve got some big names and interesting stories! What are we waiting for? Let’s roll!

Hairspray: Yep, it’s another remake! This time is a remake of a film that was just remade as a smash-hit Broadway play! All about zaftig Tracy Turnblad and how she shakes up Baltimore! It features John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many, many, more!
Will It Bomb?: Tough call! Part of me says “No” based on the double remaking. On the other hand, there’s the all-star cast and the Broadway connection. I doubt that it will take down the current Top 5, but it will get into the Top 10.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Adam Sandler (one of the best comedians ever!) and Kevin James play firefighters who pose as a same-sex couple to keep their benefits! Not only do they have to keep this ruse up, but Adam’s starting to fall for Jessica Biel. Uh-oh…
Will It Bomb?: Adam’s been out of the comedy circuit for a little bit, and we’re all glad that he’s back! I vote that it’ll hit the top 5, but I doubt it will bring down Transformers, and definitely not Harry Potter!

Thanks for checking it out, kids! Come on back next week!

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