Will It Bomb? 7/27/07

Good evening, ladies and germs. Welcome one and all to another jam-packed edition of WIB?! As always, there’s plenty to go over!!

This week: There’s a lot heating up in Catherine Zeta-Jones’ kitchen; one of the most beloved television families finally comes to the big screen; rappers invade the country club; and a little movie starring a certain celebrity recently rocked by scandal.

Ooh…It’s going to be nice and juicy. Just the way we like it! Let’s bring on this weekend’s flicks!!!

I Know Who Killed Me: Lindsay Lohan is your average chick going through life. Then she’s kidnapped. She gets away, but claims that she’s not who they think she is. Split personality?Amnesia? Identity and lifestyle changes? This trailer looks really interesting, surprisingly. It’s a good effort to shift her into more adult-oriented roles. Here comes the downside…
Will It Bomb? As everyone and their mother heard, Lohan was officially busted early this week. She’s supposedly cancelled all of her junkets and appearances for this movie, so it’s not looking good for both the film’s revenue and her career as a whole. Let’s face it. We all know who killed it.

No Reservations: This movie centers on a very ambitious, career-driven chef, who gets custody of her niece. On top of that, she may have met her match in both the kitchen and in life. There will probably be a whole lot of cooking, if you know what I mean. Wink wink. Ah, but it’s rated PG, so it won’t get too steamy. Mind you, I love the two big names in this: Aaron Eckhart and Catherine Zeta-Jones!
Will It Bomb? Hmm… We haven’t really seen a nice romantic date movie in quite a while, so I think that it will make a modest profit. Mid-to-Bottom of the 10.

The Simpsons Movie: No description or explanation is necessary. I have been waiting for this forever! Now that there aren’t any network censors on top of this, I’m dying to see what they get away with! Hey, judging from the trailer featuring “Spider Pig”, it’s going to rock!
Will It Bomb? With this film years in the making for one of the longest running television shows in history? No way! Top 5, absolutely. Wonderful chance for a #1 or #2 spot.

Who’s Your Caddy?: All right. All you have to know is that it looks like a rap version of Caddyshack. Outsiders want into some stuffy country club…Yadda yadda…. Moving on…
Will It Bomb? Eh, it’ll probably make a small bit of dough. Low end of the Top 10, if it even makes it in. Highly doubtful.

That’s all, y’all! Comments? Drop a line! As always, I’m back early next week for the official recap over at my other column, Did It Bomb?. Don’t forget to come back later next week for an all-new installment of this column! Happy viewing!!

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  1. Christine on said:

    I don’t think I can go see No Reservations – seeing the future Harvey Dent (in The Dark Knight) in a romantic comedy would scar my movie-going brain.


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