Will It Bomb? 8/10/07

Have I got something for all of you! It’s an all-new, fresh-scented, jam-packed edition of WIB?! These flicks are coming at you this weekend, and they are ripe for the picking! There’s tons of selection! Check them all out!

Daddy Day Camp: What a way to begin this week’s column… Oh please! Stop the madness! Cuba Gooding, Jr. in yet another, family oriented film? In the sequel to Daddy Day Care, Gooding and friend decide to take their business to the woods, to run a day camp. As one would project, hijinks galore. Nice try, but it doesn’t look very funny at all. On a side note, guess who’s directing? Fred Savage.
Will It Bomb? Meatballs, it ain’t. It’s going to bomb. Mark my words.

Stardust: A visit to a land of magic. Lots of fantastical elements. A touching love story. Witches getting in the mix. This is full of so many different themes that it would take quite a while to run through all of them. On another note, this is the year for Michelle Pfeiffer (one of the top-billed stars here!)! Welcome back!!
Will It Bomb? Fantasy buffs (like me) will definitely enjoy it. I’m thinking Top 10, the mid-to-low end.

Skinwalkers: When will it end??!! A renegade half-werewolf race is stalking a young boy and his mother. They really like blood and eating flesh. Blah blah blah. Stereotypical fare. Am I the only one that thinks that werewolf movies will never gain as much popularity as vampire and zombie movies have? Definitely not, if they keep trucking out stuff like this.
Will It Bomb? Have you seen the trailer yet? Trigger happy werewolves? I know that I’ll pass. I bet everyone else will, too. Bottom of the 10, if it even makes it in. I’m thinking major bomb.

Rocket Science: An awkward teenager decides to join the debating team and is going through that awful period in time that is high school. Ahhh! Hey, we all just go through life the best way that we can! I totally enjoyed this trailer!!! You’ve got to love one that features the Violent Femmes, kids!
Will It Bomb? Indie flick, or not, this will bring in some money! It looks funny and endearing, without being terribly sappy.

Rush Hour 3: Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are back together again. This time they’re off to Paris to infiltrate some kind of operation. They still have each other to lean on, whether for comedic or emotional support or when you need someone to help you kick someone’s ass. “Friendship. Friendship. Just the perfect blendship…”
Will It Bomb? Yep, another threquel. We’ve got a lot of those lately. However, Chan and Tucker have that distinct chemistry that’s hard to explain. Since the first two movies did very well, I’m voting that it will go in the 5.

Those are my thoughts for this weekend, you guys. We’ve arrived at the end. Don’t despair! Did It Bomb?, the official recap of WIB?, comes at you early next week with all the results and even more commentary. WIB? is back later next week with the new arrivals. I’m just waiting to pick them apart for you! Have a great weekend, and happy viewing!!!


  1. Katy on said:

    I’m not kidding! Watch the trailer!!!!

  2. Christine on said:

    Did I read that right? “Trigger happy werewolves”? Why would a werewolf need to carry a gun? They’re a werewolf. They can rip people to shreds with their giant teeth and massive claws.

    I do agree…werewolf movies will never have as much popularity as zombie and vampire movies. Unless, of course, they’re combined with a vampire movie like in Underworld.


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