Will It Bomb? 8/17/07

A big hello to all of you! It is nearing the end of the week, so you all know what that means! A stellar weekend of films! Since we are nearing the end of summer, they are really coming out of the woodwork! What’s in store for all my fellow movie freaks? Let’s take a look!

Death at a Funeral: Famous Muppeteer Frank Oz directs this dark comedy about Brits going to funerals. Hey, don’t forget this is supposed to be funny, so everything you can imagine gets mixed in.
Will It Bomb? Those of us who are major fans of British humor will be getting in line for this. I’ll say possible Top 10 listing. If it does make it, it’ll be in the mid-to-low end.

Superbad: We have yet another flick featuring the cluster of actors that appeared in both The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. In the grand tradition of similar groups, we have had the Rat Pack, Brat Pack, and Frat Pack. Somehow, I think these guys need their own category. How about the “Knocked Up Virgins”? Anyone with me? Anyway, two of those boys are now getting ready to go off to college, where they’ll inevitably separate. They get wild and crazy…You get the drift.
Will It Bomb? While I think it doesn’t look superbad, I don’t think it looks supergreat either. It will bring in money, tough. Top 10, with a probable Top 5.

The Invasion: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are back in another pointless remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Chances are, all of you are familiar with the story, so I don’t have to go on. Remember her last starring role in a remake (The Stepford Wives)? Tanked! She earned an Academy Award, people! Give her better roles!
Will It Bomb? I think Nicole’s film rut might really work against her here. I doubt it will hit the 5, slim chance of the low end of the 10. More than likely, it will bomb.

The Last Legion: To the entire world, Excalibur is synonymous with King Arthur, medieval England, the Round Table, and all that other great stuff! This new film portrays the origin of the sword, but with a strange connection. Who would have expected it to be linked to ancient Rome?
Will It Bomb? Fellow fanatics of Arthurian legends will definitely be interested in this! I’m thinking it will make a decent profit, with a plausible Top 10 standing.

As the old saying goes, that’s all, folks! Be sure to come on back next week for a brand new installment of WIB?! Remember to come on over early next week for the official recap of how these flicks did over at Did It Bomb?! I’m gearing up for that as we speak! See you then!


  1. Katy on said:

    Hey, sometimes word-of-mouth works better than marketing! You never know!

  2. Christine on said:

    “Knocked Up Virgins”….good one.

    As much as I can’t stand Nicole Kidman, Invasion looks pretty good. Plus, it has James Bond in it.

    I also heard the worst commercial ever for Death at a Funeral on the radio the other day. Their marketing people suck – based on the radio ad, I would never go see that movie.


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