Will It Bomb? 8/24/07

Welcome to the newest installment of WIB? for this lovely August evening. Considering that last week, I was extremely off the chart with my predictions, let’s hope that this week I can get back on track.

We have quite a few new flicks to look forward to! As always, a little bit of everything to satisfy all moviegoers. Will they rake it in or end it up in the sale bin? Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Illegal Tender: A young man and his mother become the center of a feud which is finally coming to a head. While the trailer doesn’t give too much away about the plot, we know that someone has some unfinished business with the clan. The best part for me was the music! Classic ‘80’s freestyle!
Will It Bomb? I doubt that it will make a ton of dough, but it should bring something. Lower end of the 10, if it makes it in.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday: Anyone who is a fan of BritCom worships Rowan Atkinson’s almost completely silent portrayal of Mr. Bean! From coining a new meaning to the word “stuffing” to rubbing the face off of a world-famous painting, his antics just get better and definitely funnier. In this sequel, he is off to Cannes for a vacation! I can only imagine what will happen!
Will It Bomb? Bean is back! It will probably make it into the mid-to-low end of the 10.

Resurrecting the Champ: Josh Hartnett plays a newspaper reporter who is looking for that one story that will put him into the Big Time. When he bumps into a transient (Samuel L. Jackson), who claims he’s a famous boxer, this may be it! But, as always, something sinister is bubbling beneath the surface.
Will It Bomb? Eh. I think the trailer is trying to hype up a possibly predictable, rehashed plotline. Money-wise, I think that it won’t make a lot. It probably won’t hit the 10.

September Dawn: For those of you who have little knowledge about the Mormons, this movie may shed some historical light. However, when you learn about alleged instances that took place right before the Civil War, this movie might not be the most flattering portrayal.
Will It Bomb? Probably. While this trailer stressed quite a few things that society considers disturbing, I doubt that there will be a huge interest at this time. I vote that it will probably get more of an audience if it goes to DVD.

The Nanny Diaries: Based on the novel by the same name, Scarlett Johansson plays the nanny for one uptight, urban mother! Hey, Scar’s young and fun, so why wouldn’t the kid like her? Why wouldn’t anyone like her?
Will It Bomb? It looks pretty cute, and the book sold quite a bit, so I’m thinking RomCom+ Scarlett= Top 10 standing!

War: Considering that all of us here at MovieSnobs have been on a major Jason Statham kick lately, you can imagine how stoked we are about this flick! Here, Jason is reunited with his The One co-star Jet Li. The twist? Their roles are reversed, and they battle in the underworld. True to form, this will be loaded with action and awesome fight scenes!
Will It Bomb? Reuniting Li and Statham in this movie is massive! I vote that it will hit the Top 10, more than likely will get into the Top 5.

All right, people. That’s all for this week! Keep your fingers crossed that my streak of bad luck has ended! Come on back early next week for the official recap at DIB?! WIB?, as always, returns late next week. I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Marina on said:

    I’m actually kind of curious about “Nanny Diaries”. Not a fan of Johansen but I can’t speak against Chris Evans…

    And “War” looks god awful but I’ll be going to see it.


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