Will It Bomb? 8/3/07

Welcome to a super-duper huge edition of Will It Bomb? for the first week of August!

The temperature is definitely high up here in Boston, so that means all of us are gunning for air-conditioning and well-needed entertainment! So, what’s playing this weekend? Do they have what it takes to rake in the cash? Enough chit-chat! Let’s motor!!!

Becoming Jane: As Jane Austen, the author of many romantic classic novels, Anne Hathaway pulls out her British accent and tries to shift the focus away from her usual comedic roles. Give her something a little meatier! I’m a little iffy on how well she can pull this off. Judging from the trailer, her accent may need a bit more work as well.
Will It Bomb? This is the first of two biopics that come out this weekend. While Hathaway is well on her way to becoming an industry darling, I think that this really won’t bring in too much money. Modest take.

Bratz: Those less than appealing, but highly marketable dolls now have a movie, which involves rival cliques at a high school, talent shows, and all that stuff. Mean Girls redux?
Will It Bomb? It’s sad, but true…Parents whose kids are big Bratz freaks will take them to see it. Overall, low end of the 10, if it gets in at all.

El Cantante: Marc Anthony stars as Hector Lavoe, known for catapulting the salsa music genre into the mainstream. True to its biopic format, there’s drug abuse, overall “celebrity attitude”, and a doting wife (played by Jennifer Lopez).
Will It Bomb?: Will the chemistry of real-life marrieds Anthony and Lopez seem just as strong on the big screen? Audiences who are fans of salsa and the actors will surely propel this film. Financially, it’ll probably end up in the lower half of the 10, most likely.

Hot Rod: SNL-er Andy Samberg (who was hilarious in that special holiday sketch with Justin Timberlake, “D–k in a Box”) is the newest cast member to break away into films. He plays a wannabe stuntman who is determined to make a name for himself. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, though. Sorry.
Will It Bomb? Hmm, the teens will probably dig this, so it’ll bring in some cash. Lower half of the 10, in my opinion.

The Bourne Ultimatum: Bourne again!!! Our very own Matty Damon returns as Jason Bourne in this third movie in the series, based on the Robert Ludlum novels. Yes, he’s still trying to figure out his identity. Yes, he’s still being stalked and chased by government agents. Yes, he has to beg them off.
Will It Bomb? No, it will make buckets of dough!!! Guaranteed Top 10, probable Top 5.

Underdog: There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here! That’s what they used to say in the cartoon (who didn’t love it?)! Yep, another remake of a classic, with both live action and CGI. Jason Lee (who has been great in so many Kevin Smith movies) voices the canine superhero.
Will It Bomb? I vote that it will probably hit the 10. Maybe the 5. It’ll make money, for sure.

How about that!!! We’re already finished! Come on over early next week for the recap of how these did over at Did It Bomb?! Will It Bomb? returns late next week with the newest crop of films playing at the theaters! See you!

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