Will It Bomb? 8/31/07

Kids, it’s officially the end of summer! Is it just me, or did it go by way too quickly? Since Labor Day is just around the corner, I can imagine that everyone is scrambling to hit the cinema!

What do you all have to check out this weekend? Scroll on down and take a peek!

Balls of Fury: From two of the writers and stars of Reno 911!, we have a former ping pong champ, who’s now entered into a “global tournament of champions” and he’s trying to avenge a few things on a more personal level. He definitely has his work cut out for him. Does he have what it takes?
Will It Bomb? It’s goofy. It’s lowbrow. It’s bringing in the cash! Top 10, for sure! More than likely, it’s going into the 5.

Death Sentence: A new version of Death Wish? Hmm… Kevin Bacon stars as a father who’s taking matters into his own hands after his son’s murder and dishing out vigilante justice. It doesn’t look nearly as bad-ass as the original, though.
Will It Bomb? Eh. Death Wish was a classic. So with this remake, I doubt that too many people will gravitate towards this. Low end of the 10.

Halloween: While I’m not really into horror movies, I will admit that I will watch the original version of this flick, well, around Halloween. Now, Rob Zombie is absolutely one of my favorite musicians, and he has exhibited great artistic vision as both a film and music video director. If I know how he operates (having seen his other films and that brilliant fake trailer in Grindhouse), this will be one twisted-ass ride!
Will It Bomb? The horror fans need their fix! This will hit the Top 10, and I’m pretty sure it will get into the Top 5.

Self Medicated(Limited Release): To help her son the only way she thinks she can, a woman has her teenaged son involuntarily committed into a clinic. His affliction? He’s massively addicted to drugs, and his life has become a complete disaster. As you can probably guess, he’s not keen about going in there.
Will It Bomb? The trailer looks very powerful, so I’ll say that it will make a nice amount.

That’s it for this week, you guys! Itching to know how these assessments will measure up? Be sure to check out DIB? early next week! Don’t feel sad, though! WIB? is also back late next week with an all new lineup of films that will either rake it in or sink to the bottom! Happy Labor Day, everyone, and Happy Viewing!

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  1. Christine on said:

    Good call on Balls of Fury. To me it looks kind of like Dodgeball but a little less funny.


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