Will It Bomb? 9/14/07

To quote one of the funniest television shows, Home Improvement, “Does everybody know what time it is?”

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s time for that weekly column that gets the juices flowing! As always, I run down each week’s new film releases and gauge whether they have the fortitude to rake in the bucks or end up on sale for $1.00 when it comes out on DVD. The choice is up to you, my friends!

Here we go!

Across the Universe: This isn’t just another ‘60’s movie, kids. From the moment I saw this trailer, I was hooked. Jude (What’s that a reference to?) leaves England and gets pulled into a world (and a love) that is changing in front of his eyes. The cinematography and effects look amazing, and you could simply get lost in the music of the Beatles.
Will It Bomb? Beatles fans and those who love spectacular visual effects are hitting the line for this. There’s a good chance it will get into the 10.

Eastern Promises: This one’s a doozy! Midwife Naomi Watts tries to go the extra mile in the care department as she helps a very young mother after she gives birth. When the girl passes, she keeps on trucking to find out where the rest of the baby’s relations are. Who else gets involved? Viggo Mortensen is a member of a Russian organized crime syndicate who’s getting a little too close for comfort. I can tell you that there will be plenty of answered questions!
Will It Bomb? I doubt it will bomb. It will make the 10, and possibly the 5. In any light, some revenue will be pulled in!

In The Valley of Elah (Limited Release) A veritable triple threat of Oscar winners band together in this poignant drama about casualties of the war in Iraq. When a young man serving in the military goes missing, father Tommy Lee Jones makes it his business to find out what happened, with help from investigating officer Charlize Theron. Who’s the third? Susan Sarandon as his mother!
Will It Bomb? While it’s going into Limited Release at this moment, I don’t see why this wouldn’t bring very strong financial and critical acclaim.

Mr. Woodcock: As a child, he was subjected to the cruel treatment by his old gym teacher Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton), but now Seann William Scott has become an author of self-help books, thus healing his pain. However, he has to face the facts that he never got over it, especially now, when Woodcock is dating his mother!
Will It Bomb? : A kindler, gentler Stifler from American Pie meets Bad Santa. Sounds painful. Ehhhh. I think it’ll bring in a bit of cash. I’m thinking Lower half of the Top 10.

The Brave One: What film haven’t you seen Jodie Foster act like a super-tough chick and barrel through anyone in her way? After she and her boyfriend are brutally attacked and he doesn’t survive, Foster develops a completely different attitude and personality.
Will It Bomb? Jodie is well known for taking these kinds of roles, and the public usually responds to them pretty well. I’ll say the 10, for sure, with a possible jaunt into the 5.

Thanks for sticking around, but that’s all for this week! I’ll be back early next week with the recap of these films over at DIB?! This column is back late next week with an all-new crop of flicks! Hang in there, darlings! I’ll see you soon!

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