Will It Bomb? 9/28/07

Howdy, everyone! It’s that time again! It’s time for WIB?! Where else do you get to hear all about this week’s new releases and if they have the chops that the studios claim they do?

So, as always, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Let’s get cracking with this week’s list! Enjoy!

Feast of Love: As if your love life weren’t complicated enough! With a great ensemble cast including Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear, this delves into the many, many facets of romance and the twist and turns along the way.
Will It Bomb? I can sum this up very simply. It just looks very sweet, so I’ll say it will bring in a bit of cash. Low end of the 10.

The Game Plan: The Rock may have a steady film career, but lately a good chunk of his movies are family-friendly. This one is no exception! A professional football player gets a surprise at his front door: the daughter he never knew. The trailer shows that he has a knack for comedy, but can they please cast him in roles that will appeal to adults?
Will It Bomb? It looks like something the kids will like. Probable Top 10 standing.

The Kingdom: We’ve got some biggies in this flick! Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, and the rest of a special FBI squad head on over to the Middle East and team up with their Saudi counterparts to uncover a possible terrorist plot.
Will It Bomb? Judging by the strength of both the cast and the trailer, not a chance! It will absolutely hit the Top 5. That I am sure of.

Trade: Lifetime released a television film in 2005 with the same theme as this film: sex trafficking. While the trailer for this film doesn’t show much by way of plot, I have a feeling that this will be just as dramatic and gripping as Lifetime’s interpretation. It also stars Kevin Kline, so what could be better?
Will It Bomb? I’ll say that it has a very good shot of getting into the 10. I believe this is in Limited Release, though. We’ll see next week!

There you have it! Want to know if how I called them reflects how they did? Bring yourself on back here early next week for the official recap and tallies over at Did It Bomb?! I will be back again late next week with the freshest flicks right here at WIB?! I am certainly stoked! See you then!


  1. Christine on said:

    Ditto on The Kingdom.

  2. Marina on said:

    It’s a pretty mild weekend but, along with you, I’m putting money on “The Kingdom”.


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