Will It Bomb? 9/7/07

Here we are, back again for another rousing edition of WIB?! As the fall approaches ever-so-quickly, we’re going to have a bunch of new flicks ready to roll out!

So, let’s take a look as to what you all can expect this coming weekend!

Get ready… Get set… Hit it!

Shoot ‘Em Up: Clive Owen plays bodyguard to new mother Monica Bellucci. Now, slow down…There’s more. Paul Giamatti is a criminal who is targeting the lady. Duh, Clive’s not going to let it happen! The guys will love the gunfights, fast cars, and the craziness that is Paul Giamatti. The ladies will love gawking and drooling over the leading man.
Will It Bomb? Who doesn’t love it when Clive Owen looks swarthy and acts tough? Even better, they used a Motley Crue song in the trailer! Bonus points, right there! This will hit the 5, but will battle with another film on this list for a prime position.

3:10 to Yuma: They’ve been showing this trailer quite a bit in the last few weeks! It is another remake (what else?), of a 1957 Western. However, there are three reasons why this movie looks great:

1. The stellar casting! Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Peter Fonda? You can’t go wrong. It’s about time Russell came back in a hardcore role! Chances are, someone will get hurt in this film.

2. There hasn’t been a true Western out in a long while. Or, rather, one that people will actually want to see.

3. The trailer speaks volumes about its potential for success. I can’t gush enough about it. It looks flawless!
Will It Bomb? Considering the casting alone, this film will make it into the Top 5, and will duke it out with Shoot ‘Em Up.

The Brothers Solomon: Two brothers, who have absolutely no clue on how to approach women, get a bright idea! In order to appease their dying father, they want to have children NOW! They aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the box, so it’s going to take quite an effort. That’s only the first level of this huge challenge.
Will It Bomb? I’m nearing not so great buzz over this film. I can see why. It looks really dippy and not that funny. Bottom of the 10, if at all.

That’s all she wrote, kids! Early next week, you’ll find out just how close my predictions came over at DIB?! WIB? comes back next week, featuring new flicks just being released! I’ll see you then!

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  1. Marina on said:

    Agreed on all three counts. I’m feeling Will Arnet’s pain. He’s so much better than the crap movies he’s starred in.


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