Will It Bomb? Weekend of 4/11/08

In the midst of all the nice weather that all us of here in New England have been waiting for, you can’t deny what is inevitable: New film releases! Seeing as I am the resident commentator and dirt-slinger when it comes to how these are looking, it’s time for me to put my talents to use! Yes, kids, you’ve stumbled upon another edition of WIB?! It’s so chock-full of goodies, I wish I had a straw and a spoon so I can get every last bit out!

Chaos Theory (Limited Release): For someone who leads a very organized, and in fact, an almost anal-retentive life, being forced to dump it may throw them for a loop. Ryan Reynolds plays a dude who doesn’t take many walks on the wild side. How could he if he’s so meticulous with his scheduling? The time has now come for him to throw caution to the wind and live like many people do, in a state of disorder!
Will It Bomb? I’m definitely interested in how this will play. I’m guessing that in its current limited release, this could see a decent take!

Prom Night: This should have been a baseball film, because it has so many strikes against it! All right, the biggest one is this is yet another remake of an old ‘80s shocker with a killer stalking his victims at the prom. The trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Something to ponder before going crazy at a formal dance…Didn’t anybody see Carrie? The character Sissy Spacek ingrained in our memories because of her horrific prom experience? Remember what she did?
Will It Bomb? It looks so far beyond stupid, but we all know that someone will probably see it. Again, I’ll probably underestimate the public, and I’m not looking forward to that. But, it has to end up in the lower end of the 10! I have no other thought.

Smart People: College professor Dennis Quaid has a bit of a setback when he is not permitted to drive for six months due to a seizure. While he is rather eccentric and off-the beaten path, we add the freeloading, screwed-up adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church), subtly wacky doctor/potential love interest (Sarah Jessica Parker), and super-conservative, overachieving daughter (Ellen Page) and you have one piping hot bowl of dysfunction. Oh yeah, and it’s a comedy!
Will It Bomb? Quaid’s newsworthiness these last few months were due to his infant twins’ hospitalization, so now that the kids are fine, it’s nice to shift the focus, don’t you think? The casting is stellar, so that alone should send it into the center of the 10.

Street Kings: Finally, a Keanu Reeves movie that I’m actually excited about! Reeves stars as an LA cop going after the criminals in ways that the police academy didn’t teach them. This looks like there’s loads of corruption, illegal tactics, and somebody’s just on a big, old power trip! The supporting cast features some popular TV stars, rappers, and comedians. They’re all coming out of the woodwork!
Will It Bomb? I’m already pumped! It looks totally action-packed and that’s what we need right now! It’s going in the Top 5, no question!

Keep your fingers crossed that I’ve managed to pull a 180 this time around! Come on back early next week where over at DIB?, you’ll get all of the goods! Until then!

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