Will It Bomb? Weekend of 5/16/08

This week’s new film releases are about to drop and, as always, I’m here to give you the details about which are going to climb the ranks, and which ones won’t even leave the gate! Welcome to another edition of WIB? So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to get started!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: The Pevensie kids head back to Narnia in this adaptation of the next book in the series by C.S. Lewis. In their world, it’s only been a year since they were there. In Narnia years, it’s been around 1300. After seeing the country in complete ruins, you can tell that they are shocked at the condition it’s now in. In order to get the true ruler onto his throne, they are going to need to join in the country’s battle, which may go into all-out war.
Will It Bomb? This will absolutely jet past Vegas and Speed Racer, and I am definitely confident that it will get into the #2 spot. Iron Man will probably stay at the top for another week.

Reprise (Limited Release): Two friends in Norway are ready to take on the world and it all gets started when they mail off their manuscripts. Sounds like the beginning of a healthy competition. The question is: what awaits them? Judging by the trailer, one achieves a monumental level of success, and the other one is still struggling. You can obviously tell that there will be quite a toll on both their emotional well-being.
Will It Bomb? This has been hitting the festival circuit, and now that it’s in Limited Release it may make a nice amount of change. I haven’t really heard too much about it, however. Everything will depend on how much traffic this film gets in its first run. Let’s see what happens…

That’s going to be all for this week! Hopefully, my predictions will fare a lot better than last week! Once the weekend scores are in, you know that I will back to tell you all about them. All that and more at DIB? early next week! Have a great weekend!

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