Will It Bomb? Weekend of 5/2/08

Happy Friday, everyone! Last week I managed to achieve what I haven’t been able to in quite a while: a perfect track record with my assessments. Was this just a lucky break? Can I pull it off two weeks in a row? I hope so!

Welcome to the first edition of WIB? for the glorious month of May! It’s time to check out the new releases!

Iron Man: Comic book movies are always rather gamey, but when you use the classic tune by Black Sabbath as a backdrop for the trailer, you know it’s going to be badass! Mogul Robert Downey, Jr. looked death directly in the face and survived, but when he’s detained and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, he takes the initiative and makes a suit of armor instead. Would you want that coming at you? Costarring a slew of actors we haven’t seen for a while (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges), I can already tell that this will be overflowing with action!
Will It Bomb? Everybody’s been waiting for this one! I can’t contain myself! This will undoubtedly infiltrate the Top 5! Fan boys and girls will make this hit #1!

Made of Honor: I remember when Patrick Dempsey played lovable yet, geeky guys in those 80s movies. Obviously, we know he’s outgrown all that and has become an actor that’s quite in demand. However, it looks like he’s returning to familiar terrain in this film. His relationship with longtime platonic gal pal (Michelle Monaghan) has weathered their ups and down of the dating scene. But life is going to get all snagged when she trots on over to Scotland for work and returns engaged! Now, as the maid of honor (get the obvious pun?), Patrick has realized he’s been in love with her all along and may need to let the cat out of the bag! As I’ve heard this pointed out, isn’t this just an male version of My Best Friend’s Wedding?
Will It Bomb? Although we all know this plot has been redone time and time again, I don’t think this is completely down for the count. Dempsey is pretty hot right now! I think this will forge into at the least the Center of the 10, with a possible plop into the Top 5.

Son of Rambow
(Limited Release): Way back in the 80s, two British boys become friends under interesting circumstances. One of them is a member of a fairly strict religion and the other is a budding filmmaker. When they decide to make their own sequel to the Rambo series, they become the envy of the teen community! Of course, it’s their strong friendship that everyone else should be envious of, as well as those killer ideas for the film!
Will It Bomb? I’m definitely pulling for this! It looks really cute! While it’s only in Limited Release at this time, this should turn a healthy profit. Let’s see how it does.

All righty then, my friends! That’s going to do it for me. I’m already anxious to see those results, and I know that I can’t wait until they come back. So, as always, I will return early next week with the full report over at Did It Bomb?! Have a great weekend and Happy Viewing!

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