Will It Bomb? Weekend of 5/30/08

Happy Friday! May is about to be a distant memory, but you can bet that the studios are breaking out the good stuff! What can you all look forward to this final week of the month? Hey, it’s time to find out! Here comes another edition of WIB?!

Sex and the City: Anyone who has ever been a fan of this show will be running so fast to see this! Four years have gone by since the series ended, and it looks like the ladies are going through even more life changes. Everyone is back, from the fabulous femmes, to their ultra-fashionable friends, husbands, children, and the best accessory of them all: New York City.
Will It Bomb? With a predominantly female audience, this will break into the second spot. Indiana Jones doesn’t look to be stepping down from its pedestal, but this will still break the bank. Who hasn’t been waiting for this movie to be made?

The Strangers: How many more movies with this same tired premise have to get made? Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play a couple who take a little vacay at some isolated spot, when a bunch of people (who are probably psychotic, as they usually are in these films) hold them hostage and terrorize them. Am I supposed to be afraid? I’m pretty bored, actually. Even the music in the trailer and the masked mug in the corner didn’t do it.
Will It Bomb? I would not be surprised if it were to end up somewhere in the Top 5, but this will never match or surpass the ladies of SATC and old Mr. Jones. I think it’ll slide into the fourth or fifth spot.

It looks like that’s going to be all for me! You can bet that I will be back early in the week to give you the recap like nobody’s business. That happens, as always, over at DIB?. Have a great weekend and Happy Moviegoing!

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