Will It Bomb? Weekend of 6/6/08

It’s Friday, everybody! It’s also the beginning of a new month and summertime is almost upon us. Here in New England, where unpredictability seems to be standard, we are slated to experience some gorgeous warm weather! Whatever weather we have, rain or shine, it’s always a great day for a movie. As you will see very shortly, this week’s edition of WIB? is overstuffed! Plenty of movies are being released today, and you know I love to throw my personal predictions out there. What better way to kick off the weekend, right? So, what are we waiting for? Here we go!

Kung Fu Panda: Through this trailer you learn all about the different animal-based fighting styles, from Tiger to Monkey, and even Praying Mantis. When the get to the cute little panda for his demonstration, he’s busy chowing down! Not too much has been released about the actual plot line, but I have heard that the “slacker” of the group will be its guiding force against harm. Jack Black voices the panda and there are plenty of big names: Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, and Angelina Jolie to name a few. Awesome bit of trivia: during a press junket for this film, Jack Black accidentally spilled the beans about Jolie’s pregnancy with twins. That officially ended months of speculation by entertainment media, but not the fascination with Jolie and Brad Pitt’s continuously growing family. Did that take away a little bit of publicity from the movie? Yeah, it kind of did.
Will It Bomb? We haven’t had a bona-fide children’s movie in a while, and we haven’t had a great animated feature either. Again, the kiddies need to get out, too! That clinches it as a Top 5-er, more than likely behind Sex and the City and a little Adam Sandler picture that I have yet to discuss.

Mongol (Limited Release): Nominated for an Oscar this past year in the Foreign Language category, this tells the story of the boy who would grow up to become Genghis Khan. The trailer does emphasize his difficult childhood and seems to focus quite a bit on the aspects of ambition and hunger for power. Yet it looks like this is attempting to showcase all of that without invoking the negative connotations of the historical figure. Break out your history books, folks!
Will It Bomb? The beautiful cinematography and storyline sold AMPAS, so it’s time for the rest of the world to see it. The first run is in Limited Release, but the history buffs will wait in line. This will make a nice chunk o’change.

Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (La Terza Madre)
(Limited Release): Dario Argento has long been dubbed the King of Italian horror, and it’s only fitting that horror fans who haven’t seen his work get the chance to do so. Starring his daughter, Asia Argento, and taking place in glorious Rome, an ancient coffin is dug up, and opened, releasing an evil witch that is bent on wreaking total destruction on anyone in her path.
Will It Bomb? I’m not too familiar with the mainstream popularity of Argento’s films, but I think this will appeal to those who really want a good scare and who don’t want anything rehashed and reheated. This is another limited release, but I don’t see why this won’t make money.

The Promotion (Limited Release): Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly (who I simply adore as Reed Rothchild in Boogie Nights) star as adorable, yet slightly dorky guys who duke it out for the same job. The concept sounds a bit cutthroat, but the job title has its perks! What’s the job? They’re competing for a higher-paying managerial position at their local supermarket. That’s not exactly what many would consider classically powerful, but the subtlety of the battle is key.
Will It Bomb? Since this is another film I haven’t heard anything about, I’ll go out on a limb and wager this will bring in a modest amount of earnings.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan: Who isn’t happy that Adam Sandler has returned to the comedic genre that made him a household name? As Zohan, he is an extremely skilled and crafty Israeli fighter who can beat anybody. But he believes that his life needs a new direction, and hops a flight to America. Yeah, he does need a job, but what else could he be good at? Try to forget the master warrior, because it’s time to meet the master hairstylist.
Will It Bomb? Every single flick that has this trailer preceding it resulted in everyone erupting with laughter. This will probably hit #1 right off the bat, that is, if SATC can’t hold it at bay. In any case, the lowest it will hit is #2.

So, that’s going to be all for me this week, kids! Was I able to dig myself of out the hole of off predictions that I have sunk into before? Wait until early next week, when DIB? is in the house! As always, I’ll be re-capping which of these films soared and which ones completely tanked. So, be sure to check that out! Until then!

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