Wolverine Alternate Ending Details

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Wolverine will have three different endings, depending on where you see the movie.  This isn’t a ploy to get you to drive all over the country to get to see all three of them.  Rest assured the “movie” only has one ending.

You’ll sit through Wolverine in its entirety before the “alternate” bits happen.  These very short endings come after the credit, and are reportedly all just ties in to whichever movie they decide to make next.

They’re not important to the story of the film you’ve just watched.  It’s just the studio’s idea to open the door for the next movie in the franchise, of which there’s apparently three different ones.

I’ve spoken with a few people that have seen the endings already, and the feedback I’ve gotten is pretty negative about all three.  They’re being referred to as “sucky ending 1”, “less sucky ending” and “ending that didn’t suck as much as the other two.”

I plan on checking out the film on Saturday morning, and will report back as to what I thought after that.  I’m not super excited about it, because I didn’t really love the X-men trilogy, but the trailer looks decent enough to go check out.


  1. shawn on said:

    this movie was sick!!!!!!!! anybody i know that seen it agrees. i have no idea what people are complaining about

  2. Jeremy Ng on said:

    Gosh! I was watching this movie in the cinema at Bugis, Singapore. About 98.5% viewer walked out of the theater without realising that there’re another two alternate ending. I hope someone with proper copyright would put the alternate ending trailer online soon. At least it’s worth the viewer money & support.

  3. G-low on said:

    to damuse:-

    amen my friend took the missus who knows nothing abt comics except for the various movies and both of us loved every second of this film. it rocked

    • miguel on said:

      I have seen the wolverine movie and it was sick the ending I
      Saw was when wolverine was in the bar drinking but I know ppl
      That have seen the other endings and have told me about the
      The deadpool 1 where Ryan Reynolds picks up deadpool’s head and I don’t get
      It wats that about isn’t Ryan Reynolds deadpool?

  4. DasMuse on said:

    the people who said this movie sucked need to stay the f**k out of the theatre and pick up a comic book, and stop f**king crying.

  5. rhianna on said:

    I hope they go with deadpool, which I didn’t get to see. Ryan Reynolds was awesome. I hope they stick with him.


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