Wolverine sequel, already?

A ton of people are reporting about this, this morning, so I thought I’d chime in.

Those of you who saw Wolverine over the weekend, probably saw the “Logan in a bar” ending, after the credits.  He’s apparently in Japan, and doesn’t know who he is.

According to some “inside information”, the studio may develop that as the next X-Men Origins movie. Not another character, as we previously believed, but as another Wolverine movie.

Is that what happens when your flick opens at $87 million? You immediately want to another one?  While the film made a boatload of money, it’s not getting all that positively reviewed.  Is that what they want? Another money maker, that leaves people with a less than optimal taste in their mouths?

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  1. Ninjaboy88 on said:

    As a theatre worker, this movie did horrible. If i didnt see it for free it probably would have pissed me off.


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