Worst Idea Yet! Dorothy Gale in Manhattan?

This type of crap enfuriates me, seriously.

Let me preface by saying I’ve never watched “Friday Night Lights”, the television show, or the movie.  Therefore, I can’t comment on how talented (or not) the writers, and cast and whatnot are.

I read news this morning that some of the folks responsible for that show are putting together a “modern” taken on The Wizard of Oz.  Hasn’t this been tried, and failed?  Didn’t Sci-fi do this last year?  Didn’t like 6 people watch it? is reporting on this, as follows:

The drama “Dorothy Gale” comes from “Friday Night Lights” writer Bridget Carpenter, who is executive producing; Katims will serve as a non-writing executive producer with Meryl Poster.

The script follows the story of Dorothy, a girl from Kansas who tries to tackle modern-day Manhattan (her version of the Emerald City). Dorothy finds a job in the art world — and must deal with a wicked boss.

I want to find Bridget Carpenter and punch her in her stupid face.  This is the most cheap-ass ploy to get people to watch your crappy movie.  The only thing this concept has in common with The Wizard of Oz is the fact that the main character’s name is “Dorothy Gale” and that she’s from Kansas.

Why can’t people just leave The Wizard of Oz alone? It’s been fine for 70 years now, and certainly doesn’t need some TV hacks trying to “revive” the franchise.

I can’t find an exact number of how many DVDs the film’s sold online, and Warner Brothers hasn’t responded to my inquiry (yet), but a few sites I found are reporting that the DVD (in all its forms) have sold over 200 million copies.

200 million copies. And you really think we need to come up with some knock-off version?  I hope no one watches your crapfest, and you lose your job because of it.

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  1. Christine on said:

    The only “update” to the Wizard of Oz that has ever been good is Wicked, both the book and the musical. No one else seems to respect the original work enough to deliver something worthy of the fans’ attention.


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