Worst Movie Titles Ever

MSN has put together a list of the worst movie titles ever. The list includes Gigli, Hope Floats, Operation Dumbo Drop, and a movie I actually like, Dreamcatcher. Oddly enough, most movies with bad titles are bad movies. Go figure…

Check out the full list on MSN.

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  1. Fletch on said:

    That guy’s off his rocker.

    Not standing up for the film itself, but he trashes Duece Bigelow for the same reason he trashes Mr. Magorium (made up name rhyming with odd word). Never heard of someone with the last name Bigelow? Really?

    Napoleon Dynamite is a great title, as is Don’t Be a Menace…, and though I still haven’t seen the film, I like Feeling Minnesota as a title.

    I think you’re on the right track. For the most part, if something’s a hit, it has a good title! How convenient.

    What about American Beauty? Could that be more generic?


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